Our 2021 and 2022

As we were wrapping up projects that took off during the 4th quarter of 2021, 2022 began in a quite hectic manner. January also flew by as well once we were done evaluating our 2021 performance and concluded solidifying our 2022 plans. In this article, I will briefly share our assessment of 2021 and plans for 2022.


2021 was the year where we built our business with a much dedicated mind and time horizon that visioned far beyond short term accomplishments.

We launched “ByteBridge”, a web based SaaS that allows machine learning developers to seamlessly set up their data labeling projects and rapidly acquire the results. And, with WorkBox, we created a platform where anyone with a smartphone can be enabled to participate in even the most complicated type of data labeling, such as 3D Point Cloud annotations. Beyond these accomplishments, we also built and refined various products that are needed to manage and operate the overall process.

As a result, we were able to provide most forms of data labeling services related to images and videos, on ByteBrige. Our world’s first mobile based 3D Point Cloud viewer and labeling tool especially allowed us to show that even the most complicated data labeling needs could be met in a short amount of time by specifying, distributing, and automating the process with a mass worker base.

In 2021 we officially established a sales team and progressed the project by communicating with various clients in diverse fields from all over the globe. This gave us a better understanding of the market in terms of its competition dynamics and its exact needs; which in turn, advanced our confidence in the value our services will provide to the market.

Since Q3 of 2021, our team has been focusing on projects that are related to 3D Point Cloud. Further accumulating data labeling technologies and working with/on projects based on 3D Sensor Fusion has especially been our focus. By constantly building and improving our solutions and stacking up experience with numerous clients working on diversified projects, we expect that we will be partnering with many more bigger and prominent corporations very soon. Currently, we are working on, or planning to work on, many different projects with a number of automotive companies and autonomous driving solution development companies. If our clients agree to disclosures regarding our partnership, we will share these details.

Amid the progresses we have made, it is true that our resources were allocated mostly on discovering and testing projects alongside establishing a solid business model. This inevitably deprioritized the development of blockchain related software, infrastructures, and services. The decisions we have made the past year were long term strategies to better grow our business, but we do admit that these were quite unrelated from the hot topics of the year such as DeFi and NFTs.


In the first half of 2022, we will be focusing on scaling up and expanding on projects that we have been building since the second half of 2021. We will advance the entire process so that more projects can progress faster, more work can be done more seamlessly, and more people can join in.

In tandem with such developments, we will strengthen our sales and marketing efforts in many more countries to acquire more clients and achieve stronger partnerships. Also, to allow services on the Maro Blockchain to have more integration with actual businesses, we will expand the contact points of these services. As the autonomous driving industry has exploded last year and that we expect this trend to continue throughout the next few years, we are determined to grab the opportunities that will present itself.

The macro economics and the financial/crypto markets of 2022 seems like it has a higher chance to take a turn for the worse compared to 2021. To be decoupled from these economic crises, we strive to promptly establish strong business and growth models.

When we look back into the past several years, I believe bear markets bestowed much greater opportunities. To better seize those opportunities much more easily, we will focus on building and strengthening our fundamentals.

At least by the mid term of 2022, we plan to resume working on expanding the Maro ecosystem and focus on developing Maro 2.0. The overall goals for these developments still remain (1) lowering the entry barrier for new users and (2) increasing the liquidity within the ecosystem. In addition to these objectives, the team is internally researching ways to evolve Tigris Protocol and Acorn Protocol into a DAO like system. We hope to build a system where more people can participate in managing/operating services, earn more rewards for their contribution, and eventually establish an environment where both the holders and products succeed. To assist these goals, helpful functions such as liquidity mining, liquidity voting, and more will be supported.

As the curtain rises for full-scale business developments, the development for automated integration between Acorn Protocol and actual businesses will take place as well. Once the related functions are better realized, partners are lined up, and legal matters are taken care of, we will share the details of our plans and achievements.

When we first began the Maro project, I think in a small sense the team blindly focused on developing and realizing the features that we had in mind. However, since 2021, we have been better focusing our energy in defining the essence of our business, growth, and value realization. We will always keep in mind to have a crystal clear long term vision and base our decisions off of that rather than waste our energies following short term market trends.

We strongly believe that if Maro can be integrated with well-built businesses to create value and benefit even more users, the ecosystem will grow naturally. We will steadily yet aggressively strive to achieve our long term goals to accomplish all that I shared above.





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