What to focus on in 2020

What matters most for us?

Since the very beginning, the year 2020 has dramatically changed our lives with the COVID-19 crisis. The results were a rapid change in the overall economic structure, various supply of liquidity to prevent economic collapse, fluctuations in numerous asset prices, “Uniswap” bound DeFi concept pumping and dumping, and appearance of subsequent scams. The environment has changed drastically, and the resulting noises are loud and undeniable.

Changes in the external environment allowed us to think more deeply about what values ​​are important and what we should focus on (conversely what not to focus on); and as a result, based on certain principles, resources are now much more effectively concentrated. For the remainder of the year, we will continue to work on and advance upon various aspects based on such principles. In this article, I would like to share those principles and the direction we will take from now on.

Strengthened Marketing

Compared to what we have built and accomplished so far, we have been on the passive side when it comes to packaging and presenting our achievements to the outside world. The decision was made under the judgment that the overall market environment is immature for a full-scale expansion and that we need more time to fruitfully impact the market. However, we concluded that marketing and branding activities could not be executed suddenly at any one moment. Hence, from the later months of this year, we will prepare and proceed more systematically in terms of marketing.

  1. We have been organizing and redefining what we have been doing so far and what to do in the future.
  2. We have been working on clarifying the vision and mission we pursue. Based on the principles established through such contemplation, we plan to conduct more effective and consistent branding and marketing campaigns.
  3. We plan to focus more on the product story and concentrate on expanding our performance based on existing products.
  4. We plan to conduct marketing more actively than we have done so far and promote various collaborations and partnerships more flexibly.

User Expansion

We believe that the product/project direction needs to be more clearly aligned with the user’s intentions and behavior. We plan to focus our work on enabling the product to have a clearer purpose and acquire more users that fit the product’s purpose.

  1. For the time being, all channels regarding user acquisition will be integrated into Acorn Box. With Acorn Box, we are concentrating on making ACN more accessible, usable, and acceptable to the mass population. Acorn Box has been developed to be more intuitive and seamless to use than any other existing wallet, but we think it still has room for improvement.
  2. Through the collaboration of WorkBox and ByteBridge, more people will participate in economic activities simply through their phones and be transparently rewarded for their work. In addition to the currently focused machine learning and artificial intelligence industries, we will devote resources to porting more diverse economic systems online.
  3. As the use of the TTC Blockchain increased and the scale of the service itself has expanded recently, a bottleneck is occurring in smart contract usage and computation processing during specific time periods. In this regard, the development team is currently restructuring tata’s backend and Acorn Protocol’s reward computation related systems.

Linkage Enhancement Among Products

The linkage between various products developed in the TTC Ecosystem is still weak, leading to rather uncomfortable user experience. Accordingly, our team will develop and improve various solutions that can strengthen the organic linkage between projects.

  1. InstantSwap and stablecoins will be used more actively as a product-to-product linkage solution. The overall network usage will increase and transactions between InstantSwap and TDEX will also become more active.
  2. As part of the above, the total usage of Tigris Protocol is expected to continually rise. The users that are in the center of our focus when we plan and develop products are actual users of the service, not professional asset investors. We aim to create sustainable growth through our products and introduce new financial solutions to more and more people. In the process of such growth, Tigris Protocol’s stability will be substantially improved.
  3. The movement and propagation of assets across the TTC network will become much easier. Solutions that can be seamlessly linked with more products will also be provided. During such advancements, we expect a smoother yet increased influx of new users.

Increased Network Liquidity

The overall lack of liquidity in the network is one of the major causes of weak linkage among products. Hence, increasing liquidity is also an aspect we target to improve.

  1. InstantSwap will connect with Acorn Box and TTC Connect to help link not just only services within the ecosystem with each other, but also with external blockchain networks and exchanges. This will make it much easier for users to access a richer source of liquidity, whereas it will also allow more people to use the service simply. This series of processes will make the transition between assets easier and improve connectivity outside the TTC Network. Of course, in order to make this process even smoother, we plan to connect with diverse exchanges in the different markets.
  2. ByteBridge’s service payment is first converted to CUSD via Tigris Protocol, which in turn is converted to ACN through InstantSwap and distributed to WorkBox users. This process, which automatically links InstantSwap and TDEX, is expected to further expand overall liquidity.

Various external noises can make it daunting to get a grip on ourselves. Nonetheless, we are striving to remain composed even by the noisiest of noises, not fall into mannerism, and continue pursuing what we originally intended to achieve. Our team will focus on our vision and principles, and strive to create meaningful results.

TTC will connect more people, help them collaborate, and produce socially admirable outcomes. We will develop solutions that are easy-to-use and accessible to billions. We believe this will eventually lead to user expansion, increased network usage, and ecosystem vitalization.